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In Pauanne's new song "Onneni tähdet" (in English, "lucky stars"), we hear folk singer Taavi Uutela as the vocalist on an archival tape recorded in 1957. Uutela's song about dying lucky stars became connected, in the minds of Pauanne's musicians, to the men crushed by the war and living in the landfill, and the archival tape was given new life through Pauanne's music and the video, animated by Robin Nogisto.




Castles were shuddering, lakes were trembling

Copper mountains were quaking

In the Thunder God's (Pauanne) blast and bluster,

His rumbling and roaring.  

Kukka Lehto / Violin, keyboards and archive tapes

Tero Pennanen / Hammond B3 -organ, keyboards, archive tapes

Oskari Lehtonen / Drums, percussions and archive tapes

Pagan spirits still slumber in the depths of the Finnish forests and Pauanne have set out to awaken them. The trio's archive research has unearthed a wealth of songs from the long-lost, non-Christian tradition of Finnish folk music; stories of spells and curses, the dreams of a shepherd, 17th century witch hunts and magical iron fences that repel invaders. Violinist Kukka Lehto and Tero Pennanen on Hammond organ and other keyboards, collect, arrange and further compose the repertoire while percussionist Janne Haavisto provides the rhythmic enhancement. 

Pauanne are fascinated by the "outrageous beliefs" of the past and its endemic prejudices, paranoia, fear of foreigners and persecution of women. In their songs and videos they show that these traits are still very much alive, just dressed in modern clothes.




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